About Ludos Games

Christopher J. Ashby

Hi! My name is Chris, and Ludos Games is a tabletop games company that I own and operate from the United Kingdom. I am a multi-disciplinary creative, designer and artist, and I primarily work as a User Experience and User Interface designer. I am a huge tabletop games fan and have been playing board games ever since I was a child, eventually getting into Dungeons & Dragons and other tabletop rpg systems. I then went on to write and DM many of my own campaigns, something I have been doing now for over a decade.

I created Ludos Games as an outlet for my game designs and illustration, and have been working hard on my first Kickstarter campaign for Docendo Discimus, as well as my second game Kingdoms of Kaspia for over a year now. I want to create games that I would want to play. Everything you see in my games, on this website, and on my future Kickstarter campaigns is created or designed by myself, so I'd love any and all feedback you have! I'm hugely excited about the growth of the board games and tabletop games industry as a whole and can't wait to share my games with everyone! All I need now to help make these games a reality is the support and community that I know tabletop is so well known for!

Ludos Games Principles

Above all, these are the things I believe in. I want Ludos Games to make tabletop experiences that achieve these 6 things above everything else:

• Always have a strong table presence

• Always match mechanics to the theme

• Always create positive player interactions

• Always be instantly recognisable as Ludos Games

• Always be approachable and accessible, but with strategic depth

• Always create a story that can be told once the game is over

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