Tents & Trails


Compete as exploring entrepreneurs to create the most wonderous camping & adventure trail across the countryside.

Across the rolling fields, picturesque rivers and jutting mountains the five of them travelled. Adventurers, entrepreneurs and explorers alike. They met under the glittering stars of the clear night sky, around a crackling campfire, telling tales of their exploits, adventures and travels, each of them more adamant than the last that they knew this countryside best. Each of them believed they could take the others on a tour, to beautiful campsite spots, and through winding trails and wonderous landmarks. A trail that would outdo anyone else's. A perfect adventure across the countryside.

And so they agreed, as the evening drew to a close, on a competition of sorts. To each design the perfect trail across the countryside. To build campsites, to discover landmarks, to market their trail to others, and to hire staff if they needed, all to create the most beautiful and glorious camping and adventure trail in the country.

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