Kingdoms of Kaspia


Take the role of competing Kingdoms across the realm of Kaspia in this semi-legacy area-control strategy game to claim the power of the All-Stone.

Welcome to the mystical realm of Kaspia, a realm ruled by four Kingdoms. Lucky for you, the magically protective All-Stone has just been restored to power by 4 intrepid heroes at the end of their quest. However, in the wake of their victory, and under the protective aura offered by the presence of the All-Stone, you must build your Kingdom into the most balanced and prolific Kingdom in all the realm. As rulers of each Kingdom you will compete to become the most stable, balanced, and strong Kingdom in Kaspia, and claim the power of the All-Stone.

Use your unique Kingdom objectives and powers to strategically position citizens, militia, wizards and castles across the realm of Kaspia. Tackle unique events affecting the entire realm of Kaspia, enter into combat or join forces with other Kingdoms, and ultimately claim control of the All-Stone, to cement your Kingdom's legacy in the history of the realm.

Be careful though, too much power, too strong magic, or too much wealth can lead to uprisings within your own Kingdom, or even worse, the usurping of your own position as ruler!

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